Thank you for visiting my portfolio. In here are a few of the projects that I have had the chance to work on and learn from over the last 3 years. Please feel free to connect with me to discuss any of these projects further or just to get to know me better :)

What drew me to USer Experience

While I was learning how to build digital systems as a graduate student in CS, I found myself appreciating the real value of understanding of user needs and user behavior and designing with that understanding. This is exactly what steered me to pursue Human Computer Interaction further. As a UXer I thoroughly enjoy being able to dig deeper into the whys behind every problem and letting those insights drive the hows to solve the problem. Having spent the last years in Industry as a UXer honing my UX skills, my passion for User Experience is only growing everyday.

If you would like to get in touch with me, please feel free to use any of the contact options provided in my resume (email is the fastest).

Projects from Internships

UX Internship - Summer 2017

◦ 5G Networks ◦ Knowledge Management ◦ Interviews ◦ Competetive Analysis ◦ Surveys

UX Internship - Summer 2015

◦ Information Visualization ◦ Reliability Centered Maintenance ◦ Interviews ◦ Prototyping ◦ Building ◦ Usability Evaluation

A few academic projects

Investigating the role of Teaching Assistants

◦ CS Education ◦ Focus Groups ◦ Interviews ◦ Contextual Inquiry ◦ Qualitative Data Analysis

Wayfinding on Georgia Tech Campus

◦ Surveys ◦ Participatory Design ◦ Prototyping ◦ Usability Evaluation

Navigating Virtual Worlds

◦ Virtual Reality ◦ Building ◦ Design of Experiment ◦ Interviews ◦ Usability Evaluation

Informational needs of MS-HCI students

◦ Knowledge Management ◦ Surveys ◦ Interviews ◦ Affinity Mapping

Gesture based keyboard

◦ Natural User Interfaces ◦ Prototyping ◦ Engineering ◦ Usability Evaluation